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About Design Intentions.

Miranda Cook is the CEO and driving force behind the boutique Australian graphic design {firm|company} Design Intentions and is available for freelance design and illustration {projects|jobs|tasks}.
A young designer with a natural {talent|skill}, fresh ideas and {perspectives|point of views|viewpoints}, Miranda has a Diploma of Graphic Design and Business and a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design. With over {10 years|ten years} of experience with both an independent {client|customer} base and working as {an in-house|an internal} designer for {various|different|numerous} design {agencies|companies|firms}, she has {created|produced|developed} many {stunning|spectacular|sensational} graphics for her {clients|customers}.
Design Intentions portfolio covers the {gamut|range} of graphic design and illustration from {logos|logo designs} through to {flyers|leaflets}, business cards, letterheads, banner {ads|advertisements}, posters, {magazine|publication} {ads|advertisements}, {clever|smart|creative} collages to {website|site} graphic design.
Miranda has {provided|offered} {full|complete} business marketing {materials|products} for print, display and web publication as required.
When you hire Design Intensions as the graphic designer you can {rest assured|feel confident} that your project will get the attention it {deserves|is worthy of|should have} from {beginning|starting} to end. Your work is not farmed out to juniors or off-shore {firms|companies}.
Design Intensions graphic design services are a smart choice for:.
• Australian and {Overseas|Abroad} small to medium {business owners|entrepreneurs|company owners}.
• Web designers {requiring|needing} {assistance|support|help} with design {aspects|elements} for their {projects|jobs|tasks}.
• Companies and {individuals|people} {looking for|searching for|trying to find} gift presentation and {custom|customized|custom-made} graphics for special occassions and {shows|programs}.
Graphic Design & Illustration Portfolio.
Design Intentions graphic design and illustration portfolio. Fresh {custom|customized|custom-made} graphics for business {marketing and advertising|advertising and marketing}, branding and display.

Graphic Designer – [location]

Located in [location], Design Intentions works with the belief that everything is possible. Taking the challenge on any {specialty|specialized} design and {furthering|advancing|enhancing} every design {solution|service}. With the {intention|objective|intent} to provide a service to every {client|customer}, local and {global|international}, with 100% {satisfaction|complete satisfaction|fulfillment}.
With {new|brand-new} {businesses|companies|organisations} {starting|sprouting} {everyday|daily} and Australia having the most {small businesses|small companies} per capita, logo design has never been so {invaluable|important|indispensable|vital}. A strong, well-presented logo will {attract|draw in|bring in} potential {customers|clients|consumers} and sell your business. Design Intentions focus {for every|for each|for every single} business is {a successful|an effective} logo and consistency in branding.
Graphic Design & Illustration Services
Design Intentions, based in [location], specialises in producing quality {custom|customized|custom-made} graphics for small to medium Australian {businesses|companies|organisations}.
All graphics are produced with fresh, {innovative|ingenious} design {concepts|ideas|principles} and attention to detail and {intricacy|complexity}.
Design Intentions {Range of|Variety Of|Series Of} Services:
• {corporate|business} identity
• business stationery
• advertising {materials|products}
• {brochures|pamphlets|sales brochures}.
• {signage|signs}.
• {vehicle|car|automobile} {signage|signs}.
• photography.
• illustration to any customed design.
{Delivering|Providing} high quality design at competative {prices|costs|rates}. {Consultation|Assessment} is {free|totally free|complimentary}.
All graphic design is charged at our competitive {hourly|per hour} rates or by {quotation|quote}. At the {completion|conclusion} of each project you will {receive|get} the {finished|completed} {artwork|art work} in electronic format (either on CD or by {email|e-mail}). Printing can be {arranged|organized} and {finished|completed} {materials|products} delivered {directly|straight} to your door.
{Pricing is|Prices are|Rates are} subject to change and {assumes|presumes} that all {content|material} (including text and images) is {supplied|provided} in {appropriate|suitable|proper}, electronic format.
If you require a package of {several|a number of|numerous} different design items or {a quotation|a quote} for {custom|customized|custom-made} design, we will {be happy|more than happy} to discuss your needs and provide {a quotation|a quote}.



Logo Design.
{An unique|A distinct|A special}, well {designed|developed|created} logo will {help|assist} you {stand out|stand apart|stick out} from the crowd. Design Intentions can {create|produce|develop} a fresh logo from scratch, revamp your existing logo or {reproduce|recreate|replicate} an original for use {across|throughout} all media.
Business stationery.
Make your branding work for you with {everyday|daily} business stationery that {consistently|regularly} {reflects|shows} your business image. {Includes|Consists of} letterheads, business cards, with compliments slips, envelopes {etc|and so on}

Get {noticed|discovered|seen} with {stunning|spectacular|sensational}, professional advertising and presentation {materials|products} from Design Intentions’ Graphic Design and Illustration services. {Brochures|Pamphlets|Sales brochures}, {flyers|leaflets}, posters, coasters, display stands and banners, labels, newspaper, magazine, and yellow pages {ADs|Advertisements}.

Web Graphics.
{Don’t|Do not} let your {website|site} become stale, {spark|trigger|stimulate} it up with {harmonious|unified} {custom|customized|custom-made} graphics {designed|developed|created} to {meet|satisfy|fulfill} your online needs. Banner {Ads|Advertisements}, icons, feature graphics and web headers.

{Custom|Customized|Custom-made} & Personal.
Need something for a special {occasion|event|celebration}? Have an idea in mind? Design Intentions can make it happen. Illustration, CD/Album covers, menus, calendars, invitations, cards, photography and photo manipulation.

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Web Graphics
Letter heads


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